Brownie & Cub Section

We meet every Friday night unless it is a National Fiesta, from 6.30 - 8pm.

These two links take you to our Main Association Websites, where you will find games, information and much more.                   

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Our meetings are planned around the Brownie programme that is called the Brownie Adventure, followed by the Brownie Adventure On for the older girls.  This covers three main areas challenging the girls to look at YOU - meaning them, COMMUNITY - and lastly their WORLD and for the Cubs the programme is split into manageable areas which represent the young boy's lives. The six zones are Beliefs and Attitudes, Community, Fitness, Creativeness, Global and Outdoor and Adventure.

Our Leaders work very hard to ensure that both programmes are covered and we can get as many badges as possible, they try to help us go on outings about once a term.

At Brownies & Cubs we are split up into smaller groups called Six Groups, we have the:


























About Brownies

What do Brownies do?

Brownies is cool! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme that is called the Brownie Adventure, followed by the Brownie Adventure On for the older girls.  This covers three main areas challenging the girls to look at YOU - meaning them, COMMUNITY - and lastly their WORLD

Their meetings are full of games and activities which are normally based on a theme or working towards badges, from their Badge Books providing challenging opportunities for Brownies to think for themselves and take an active part in unit decision-making.

Who can be a Brownie?

Any girl aged seven or over can be a Brownie.

The Brownie Promise

  I promise that I will do my best,

 To love my God,

 To serve the Queen and my country,

 To help other people,   and

 To keep the Brownie Guide Law.


Brownie wear

A Brownie chooses her outfit from a range of Brownie wear. The specially designed Brownie clothes are stylish, practical and economical for today’s girls. There is something to suit every Brownie whatever she is doing, indoors or out.


About Cubs

Promise & Law

The Cub Scout promise is very similar to the Scout promise, however a few words have been simplified:

I promise that I will do my best,
to do my duty to God and to the Queen,
to help other people
and to keep the Cub Scout Law.

The Cub Scout Law

Cub Scouts always do their best
think of others before themselves
and do a good turn everyday.



The Cub Scouts share the general Scout motto of Be Prepared.  



The Cub Scout uniform is a Green sweatshirt and polo shirt with a group scarf (neckerchief) with navy blue activity trousers. Please follow this Cub Uniform link.


Awards and Badges

Cub Scouts can gain a number of awards and badges.


The Membership Award is given to Cubs after they have made their promise and been invested into the Movement, whilst the Moving-On Award is given once a Cub Scout has completed their time in Cubs and moved into Scouts.  


Joining In Award

The Joining In Award recognises a young person's commitment to Scouting and are usually given on each anniversary of Members joining the Movement. Two Joining In Awards can be received by Beaver Scouts and when they move up to Cub Scouts they wear the highest one they attained in Beavers. The badges take the form of a small coloured star with a number showing the amount of years they have been in Scouting. 



Activity Badges

There are 33 Activity badges specially designed for the Cub Scout section, along with the six Staged badges. These Include Adventure, Air Activities, Animal Carer, Artist, Astronomer, Athlete, Athlete Plus, Book Reader, Camper, Chef, Collector, Communicator, Cyclist, DIY, Entertainer, Equestrian, Global Conservation, HobbiesHome HelpHome SafetyLocal KnowledgeMap ReaderMartial Arts, My Faith, Naturalist, Navigator, Personal Safety, Physical Recreation, Road SafetyScientist, Skater , Sports Enthusiast, Water Activities. World Faiths.


Some requirements of the badges may be covered during Colony meetings and activities, though most Activity Badges require some individual work to be done. 


Staged Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges can be completed by any member of the Movement between the age of 6 and 18. They are completed in different stages, so after completing each stage Members are awarded the relevant badge. As they can be completed in Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorers it is possible for a Beaver Scout to attain a higher level of a Staged Activity Badge than a Member from a higher Section. The Staged Activity Badges are Emergency Aid, Hikes Away, Information Technology, Musician, Nights Away and Swimmer. Nights Away has twelve stages, Hikes Away has six stages whilst the remaining badges have five stages. 


Partnership Awards

Partnership Awards are completed in association with either another Section of Scouting or with an outside organisation. The three Partnership Awards are Environment, Faith and International Friendship. There is no set criteria or time period to complete Partnership Awards. In order to attain it a project or activity must be agreed between the two partners relating to one of the three themed areas, the objectives set, planned and completed before assessing the benefits of the activity or project to the participants.  


Challenge Awards

The Friendship Challenge badge Challenge Awards are completed as a Colony rather than individually and should completed within a Colony's normal activities. There are six Challenges, one for each Programme Zone set by The Scout Association. The Challenges are Promise, Creative, Fitness, Friendship, Global and Outdoor. A Member can complete a Challenge Award more than once though they should show greater skill and development than from when they first completed it. 


Chief Scout's Silver Award

The Chief Scout's Silver Award is the highest award which can be gained by Cub Scouts. In order to attain it, Cub Scouts must have completed six Challenge Awards by the time they join Scouts. If they have nearly completed the requirements by then, Members have a few weeks after joining Scouts in which to finish the requirements.